I hope that this day finds you well and if it does not, I extend my apologies. This is my initial post after the re-vamping of many things extending beyond this WordPress page. This did not in part stem from a resolution, but a desire to see change come in many forms. Whether it was the exchange of majors, grass appearing from beneath a coat of snow, or the new birth of life.

My name is Katheraine. I am a first year at Drake University engaging in the D+ advantage and I am currently choosing to study graphic design and secondary education with a K-12 art endorsement. Eight months ago, I began my adventure at Drake University (this is a advertising technique utilized at Iowa State University, a local state university and by local I mean, an hour away.) It birthed in many painful ways and still continues to, but my initial majors consisted of (open) journalism, international relations, and art. Art morphed into Graphic Design and I eventually came to the discovery that I never wanted to be a journalist, because I loved being a designer far too much. International Relations morphed into Secondary Education as a catepillar births wings from its back after many months of hibernating beneath an outer crust. I have a heart for teaching and working in third world countries. I also have a great love for design that will prove valuable while I work to make money besides my lowly teaching salary.

Life is difficult and full of transitions. This being amongst the most difficult. No longer are you a child, but you are not quite a “real adult.” I do not own/rent a place of residence or fully depend upon my salary to pay for things. I am not the owner of the insurance plans of which I reside upon. Yet, I am not longer fully dependent upon my parents for everything. I do not see them 24/7, nor does my income fully come from them. I reside in a new city that holds a different culture, than the society of rural farming. I run at a different pace, one that starts early and ends late into the night. I consume different liquids not according to the rules of their home and by liquids, I do not intend to give you the wrong idea. In my home, we are not allowed to consume caffeine after 6PM, however I no longer reside there, therefore I am at Starbucks at 9:45PM at night prepping to perserver through another night. I do these things because I delight in what I do. I delight in design and political institutions and the media. I delight in learning how I will better be able to serve when I hit the field and fulfilling my university’s required preparations.  What I used to call home is no longer a place, but a museum that holds my images that upon being invited to, I visit. I stand in a line often replicable to a phone line waiting for my name to be called and to be processed through for acceptance.

Many struggles have called my name this past year as I have made this transition into the life of a “not quite real adult” and no longer being a child. But that is life and I have learned to cope. I hope that you have found yourself entertained at my lack thereof ability to write and will entertain yourself with my future endeavors.


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