This will all be worth it.

I have repeated those words countless times these past few weeks. I have frequently encountered the concept that I once thought I knew I was busy until this. That has happened, I did not understand what being busy meant until now. I have visited Starbucks at least twice a day the past two weeks, sometimes three. But, when you are under deadlines and getting ready for one of the busiest weeks of the year for your university, you would understand. I have tests coming up, due dates piling up, and outside commitments coming to birth. Our residence hall’s bid book is due in 41 hours or so. Let’s just say that I am stressing out over this. However because it is design, I am in infatuated with this opportunity. Because these projects will be in my graphic design portfolio, I am okay with the long hours. The tests are for subjects I could care less about, but I understand that they are important, therefore I work towards them.

Right now is crazy. Right now is hectic. && to be quite honest, I’m pretty sure my body is purely running on adrenaline and caffeine. (I wish that were a joke.) But, when you are passionate about something, it all becomes worth it.

Design is worth it. Someday working for non-profits is worth it. Teaching after school art programs is worth it.

This will all be worth it, even if it is extremely stressful right now and the bags under my eyes could be compared to the Himalayas.

// This will all be worth it.


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