greetings, my name is karen.


i cannot pass up an opportunity to snap a photo of an open field. if you aren’t into that, you might be at the wrong place.


what do i do? i am an open journalism major at drake university. what do i hope to do with that degree? great question. i don’t know yet. all i know is i am passionate about the journalism industry and my heart beats to the sound of a typewriter. however, i also romanticize the idea of being a photographer or barista.

i am a film camera junkie and it is rare to find me far from one. i live by the ten golden rules of lomography. my most abused camera is likely my honeywell pentax or my canon rebel, both are hardy and reliable. however, i do love the blurry vignette that my diana can produce.

i have an affinity for making lists, unconventional photography, and ignoring capitalization.

i have a knack for climbing trees and tweeting excessively about my cats.



i have a low tolerance for extreme climates, youtube ads, squirrels, and wearing socks.

i have a habit of not wearing shoes and googling obese cats.

i  enjoy lumberjack beards and drinking coffee.

the end.



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