This will all be worth it.

I have repeated those words countless times these past few weeks. I have frequently encountered the concept that I once thought I knew I was busy until this. That has happened, I did not understand what being busy meant until now. I have visited Starbucks at least twice a day the past two weeks, sometimes three. But, when you are under deadlines and getting ready for one of the busiest weeks of the year for your university, you would understand. I have tests coming up, due dates piling up, and outside commitments coming to birth. Our residence hall’s bid book is due in 41 hours or so. Let’s just say that I am stressing out over this. However because it is design, I am in infatuated with this opportunity. Because these projects will be in my graphic design portfolio, I am okay with the long hours. The tests are for subjects I could care less about, but I understand that they are important, therefore I work towards them.

Right now is crazy. Right now is hectic. && to be quite honest, I’m pretty sure my body is purely running on adrenaline and caffeine. (I wish that were a joke.) But, when you are passionate about something, it all becomes worth it.

Design is worth it. Someday working for non-profits is worth it. Teaching after school art programs is worth it.

This will all be worth it, even if it is extremely stressful right now and the bags under my eyes could be compared to the Himalayas.

// This will all be worth it.


Created to create.

As a university student, I am offered hundreds of options to elect as my field of study. According to these standards, in four years I will be considered competent and be able to move into a career that is designated by my chosen field of study. 

I have chosen to study Graphic Design and Secondary Education – Art. 

As someone with who is right brain dominant, it made total sense to take on this move along with my second major to be an education major because of my desire to teach and learn. 

A common question is how this relates to my belief system. This is an understandable question due to the fact that Christianity fueled many creative revolutions over the centuries. However today we live in a pre-dominantly secular universe and being able to define what makes Christian art is more difficult. As a Christian, am I required to make obviously Christian art? Or do I just make art? 


Immediately in Genesis, it talks about God creating all things and then it discusses making man in His image. & If man is created in His image, the image of a God who creates then surely we are meant to create. 

However if we are called not to be of this world (romans 12:2) and not to neglect the gift we have been given (1 Timothy 4:14). How do we construct our art?

“And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.” (Colossians 3:17)

This is how we construct our art, by giving the glory to God & God alone. We have been called out of this world, but that does not mean we solely make blatantly Christian art. If you are an artist, whether visually or vocally. You recognize that often the Bible doesn’t address both sides. But we do know that we have been called to do this work. Vocal art can be easier to give God glory, but is that to say that music that does not blatantly promote the Gospel not give God glory? 

I think it is just the opposite. I believe that if we do it for the glory of God then He is pleased. I believe that He is pleased that we are doing what we have been called to do. I believe that if we were not meant to sing these lyrics or paint in such a manner, that we would feel convicted about our work and not continue in doing such. God will get glory in how we conduct ourselves when it is for His glory even if our work does not blatantly yell Christianity. Because Christianity is about the human condition and our brokenness and therefore He can and will be glorified. 

Art causes people to ask what caused it to come to genesis and why the creator did such a thing. It causes us to ask questions and those questions/answers can lead us to faith. It can lead us to address our brokenness. 


Think about it. 


I hope that this day finds you well and if it does not, I extend my apologies. This is my initial post after the re-vamping of many things extending beyond this WordPress page. This did not in part stem from a resolution, but a desire to see change come in many forms. Whether it was the exchange of majors, grass appearing from beneath a coat of snow, or the new birth of life.

My name is Katheraine. I am a first year at Drake University engaging in the D+ advantage and I am currently choosing to study graphic design and secondary education with a K-12 art endorsement. Eight months ago, I began my adventure at Drake University (this is a advertising technique utilized at Iowa State University, a local state university and by local I mean, an hour away.) It birthed in many painful ways and still continues to, but my initial majors consisted of (open) journalism, international relations, and art. Art morphed into Graphic Design and I eventually came to the discovery that I never wanted to be a journalist, because I loved being a designer far too much. International Relations morphed into Secondary Education as a catepillar births wings from its back after many months of hibernating beneath an outer crust. I have a heart for teaching and working in third world countries. I also have a great love for design that will prove valuable while I work to make money besides my lowly teaching salary.

Life is difficult and full of transitions. This being amongst the most difficult. No longer are you a child, but you are not quite a “real adult.” I do not own/rent a place of residence or fully depend upon my salary to pay for things. I am not the owner of the insurance plans of which I reside upon. Yet, I am not longer fully dependent upon my parents for everything. I do not see them 24/7, nor does my income fully come from them. I reside in a new city that holds a different culture, than the society of rural farming. I run at a different pace, one that starts early and ends late into the night. I consume different liquids not according to the rules of their home and by liquids, I do not intend to give you the wrong idea. In my home, we are not allowed to consume caffeine after 6PM, however I no longer reside there, therefore I am at Starbucks at 9:45PM at night prepping to perserver through another night. I do these things because I delight in what I do. I delight in design and political institutions and the media. I delight in learning how I will better be able to serve when I hit the field and fulfilling my university’s required preparations.  What I used to call home is no longer a place, but a museum that holds my images that upon being invited to, I visit. I stand in a line often replicable to a phone line waiting for my name to be called and to be processed through for acceptance.

Many struggles have called my name this past year as I have made this transition into the life of a “not quite real adult” and no longer being a child. But that is life and I have learned to cope. I hope that you have found yourself entertained at my lack thereof ability to write and will entertain yourself with my future endeavors.